Secure Clean Room 

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Discover the Difference with better Ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine

  • Nicotine level tested after mixing for accuracy on every batch .

  • No added food colorings or sweeteners

  • UPS Food Grade, Kosher VG & PG, and Diacetly - free Flavorings.

  • Label shows "Born-On" date, ensuring fresh product.

  • Tamper-resistant, machine-applied shrink wrap and child-resistant cap

Staff, Facility, Procedures 
  • Experienced Ph.D Chemist at laboratory

  • Certified Soul Chef Mixologist with Culinary Arts Degree & 6 plus years e-liquid experience.

  • Laboratory following all applicable cGMP and cGLP standards.

  • All ingredients and production sourced from USA

  • Secure Clean Room Laboratory

  • Redundant record keeping and secure, long term lot sample storage.

  • Each sample shows lot number, making ever ingredient traceable to its source. 

Dedicated Staff to Assist You
  • Quick turn around on orders

  • Knowledgeable employees to help with your ordering needs

  • Respectfull and understanding

  • Loyal to the indusry and to our customers

  • Always keeping our company within and ahead of FDA guidlines